Director Aaron John is a Thomas Profiling practitioner and has used its Personal Profiling Analysis (PPA) to recruit for senior management personnel at Crawley Council and Hinckley and Bosworth Council, amongst others.  We’ve also used this to profile newly appointed teams, for example at Croydon Council, well-established teams such as that at Barnet Homes, looking to move forward in a new direction and client and contractor teams to consolidate new partnerships, for example at A2 Dominion.

“Understanding teams and delivery styles is crucial to ensuring its collective success. Using the Thomas Profile we were able to obtain a greater understanding of what makes us all tick and why we had some of the conflicts and roadblocks that were ultimately affecting delivery.  It was a very rewarding and effective exercise that helped the team develop and grow” – Barnet Homes

“echelon has provided this council with a first-class service and has proved to be innovative and dynamic in their approach to overcoming barriers to success” – Hinckley & Bosworth Borough Council