Mathew founded echelon in 2005 and has led it to become one of the most successful procurement and asset management consultancy businesses in the affordable housing sector, alongside growing the wider echelon Group.

He has vast experience in the development, procurement and delivery of asset management projects within the affordable housing sector, as a client, contractor and consultant.

Role within the business

As well as being group CEO and a member of the board Mathew takes an active project management role within echelon, working on several projects at any given time. He blends his entrepreneurial skill of developing the businesses within the group with maintaining an intimate knowledge of the issues facing the sector and remaining accessible to clients.

He has a deep understanding of client needs, due to his previous experience. He works to strike a balance between their needs and those of service providers and his enthusiasm and excellent interpersonal skills enable him to engage all stakeholders in the procurement process.

Specialist areas

A creative thinker with a flair for innovation. Mathew has a reputation for developing delivery models for the sector plus a focus on repeat business and building relationships with clients.

He has also addressed many industry events, sharing best practice, and continues to be in demand on the conference circuit. Mathew facilitates for echelon’s AMIP benchmarking club and CAMIP best practice club and he worked closely with HACT on a voluntary basis to develop its social value and procurement toolkit.

Out of work

Mathew is a motorbike enthusiast and a fan of Sam Cox Racing, a BSB Stock 1000 racing team, which is sponsored by echelon.