Aaron has an in-depth knowledge of the social housing sector with over 20 years’ experience in the repairs and maintenance industry as client, contractor and consultant. As well as leading on procurement projects, Aaron is involved in the day-to-day running and strategic direction of the business alongside Group CEO Mathew Baxter and Finance & HR director Lisa Stevenson.

Role within the business

Aaron leads on a wide range of procurement projects from repairs and maintenance and planned works to grounds maintenance and communal cleaning, as well as carrying out reviews of operational delivery models.
Skilled at facilitating workshops and adept at drawing out the necessary information to shape services, he uses the knowledge gained during his time as a client and a contractor to ensure that both perspectives are taken into account and has worked with a broad spectrum of clients.

Specialist areas

While Aaron is vastly experienced in leading on a wide range of projects, he is Echelon’s ‘go-to’ person on facilities management contracts, an area that he focused on during his time as a contractor.
He is also skilled at supporting clients to set up call centres and services such as out of office call handling, as well as leading on the procurement of call centre software.
As the only certified Thomas International Practitioner within echelon, Aaron is qualified in undertaking Personal Profile Analysis, providing an insight into how people behave at work.

Out of work

Aaron has a Masters’ Degree in Business and can drive a forklift truck!